This site is the home of several extensions for Firefox and Thunderbird, all written by Stephen Clavering (a.k.a. 'clav').

All of them are free and open-source, currently available under the terms of the Mozilla Public License.


The extensions are now available for download only from, so only brief descriptions are provided here.

Note that I don't use all of them myself – some were written just because other Firefox users requested them.

Cards #

A collection of single-player card games.

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Adds “Close Tab” to the context menu, below “Stop”.

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Digger #

Makes navigating in hierarchical websites easier by proving a quick way to get from to and similar using a context menu on the Go button and/or the site icon in the location bar. It also offers similar functionality for links via the main context menu.

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Go Up #

Provides a new toolbar button to go “up” a level in a site.

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Link Widgets #

Makes navigating sites easier by providing buttons to go to the first, next, previous or last pages in a sequence (useful for webcomics and multi-page news articles, amongst others); up a level in the site; and to the top of the site. The links are either guessed, extracted from the text of the page, or supplied by the page author using the <link> tag.

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Tab X #

Makes the close buttons on tabs always visible.

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Zoomy #

Provides toolbar buttons to adjust the size of the text in the current tab (like the existing items in the View menu).

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Defunct Extensions

These are extensions I wrote, but which are no longer available for current versions of Firefox. Some of them may be updated when I find the time, while others are obsolete.

Almost Full Screen

Overrides View > Full Screen (and F11) to switch to "almost full screen" mode, where the titlebar and borders of the window are removed and it's resized to use all the space on the screen except for that which the Windows taskbar occupies.


Blockfall is a Tetris-like game, with hexagonal and triangular variants, and the option to have blocks composed of varying numbers of tiles.

Flowing Tabs

This extension, written before Firefox's tab bar scrolled when there were too many tabs, instead made it wrap onto multiple rows of tabs.


Combined the progress bar and the location bar, in the style of Safari.

This extension has been superceded by the very similar Fission, by a different author.

Go Home

Adds “Home” to the main context menu, immediately below “Stop”.

Go To

Merged into Digger, as of version 2·0.

Link Toolbar

Renamed Link Widgets.

Tab Bin

Tab Bin adds a toolbar button (labelled 'Closed Tabs') which lets you retrieve the five most-recently closed tabs via a pull-down menu. The menu lists the titles of the pages the tabs were last showing (or the URLs, for pages without titles) for easy identification.

The way the extension works is by keeping up to five tabs hidden, rather than properly closed. A drawback of this method is that these hidden tabs can continue playing sounds or music, and continue loading pages. It does mean that restoring the tabs is instantaneous though, which is nice.

Toolbar Enhancements

Adds several useful extra toolbar buttons and makes toolbars more configurable too:


x and xKiosk provided toolbar buttons for clearing the browser history, form info, saved passwords, download history etc, and were available for Firefox 1.0 only. The Tools > Clear Private Data... function in Firefox 1.5 and above makes them obsolete (and there are various extensions that provide a toolbar button to reach that function).